Youth Prayer Night

As I sit here at youth prayer night, I am amazed at what God has done in out youth group. It is not the same group that I was a part of when Paige and I started helping Tessa and Wilson about a year ago. God has done so much! Each of the youth has been impacted by God in an indescribable way. He has transformed them. They are on a great journey towards something bigger and better. He has put a spirit of worship and praise in their hearts. He is teaching them how to pray and communicate with Him. Awesome!

Thank you O Lord for the work You have begun. I ask that you continue to work in them and through them. God give them wisdom and power to do great works in Your Name. Let them impact those around them at school, in their family, their friends, and even us a their youth leaders. O God do a work! Yes Lord move like a mighty wind. Transform us into the creation that you want us to be, the way You designed us to be.

God, You made us in Your image; You gave us the ability to love; and You gave us the freedom of choice. Help us to choose to serve You. Help us to love you and to love others-even our enemies. Help us to love like You love and forgive like You forgive. Lord, let us bless others. You have surly blessed us; now let us bless others!

Do a great work in us Lord.

In Your name, AMEN!

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  1. Absolutely awesome, Matt (& Paige)!  All you leaders (Wilson, Tessa, You, Paige, Laura and Jimmy) unifying together is so refreshing, and your heart for God and the kids is such a blessings.  We love all you all and so grateful we’re on the same team. And, nice blog! 

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