Who are you?

Us in our 3D glasses...we look like such nerds!!!

Just got home from a great night spent with the wife-to-be. It was great to have time to spend with my awesome fiancée. We don’t get enough “just you and me time”. We started the great night by eating at Tailgators. Then we went to the mall to pick up some Starbucks. After we got our drinks, we went to go see the movie–Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs–in 3D! It was a great movie to laugh at. The best part was watching it in 3 deminsions. The movie had an awesome message to it–be yourself no matter what other people think of you. That concept is what we all need to be focused on. Instead of trying to be something that other people want us to be, we should be the man/woman/boy/girl that God made us to be. Just be yourself. Life is much harder trying to be someone you are not.

Just remeber that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” [Psalms 139:14].

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