Who are you following?

“You can only move as fast as who is in front of you.” This statement is very true. Where you go and how fast you get to your destination relies on who you are following. Are you following after Jesus or are you letting someone else lead you?

When Jesus called His disciples, the men abandoned their lives to follow Jesus. We must do the same when we decide to follow Jesus. We give up our sinful life to take on a life led by God’s Holy Spirit. We are to give ourselves as a living sacrifice.

What ever happened in our past, we need to leave it in the past. Focus on today and the future. You cannot change things that have already come to pass. However, you can impact today, tomorrow, and the future. The choice you make in the here and now will effect what happens later.

Who are you living for? Who are you following, or who are you letting lead you?

I encourage you to seek and follow hard after God. In all you do, put Him first. Go make a difference for the Kingdom.

God bless you all.

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