Wedding Approaching

Our wedding is approaching very fast. It is now just 5 days away! I was talking to one of my friends at church yesterday, and he told me that he don’t know if the week that he got married was the shortest week of his life or the longest. I totally feel what he means! It is coming so quickly and so slowly at the same time. Strange!

It feel kinda strange that come November 27th I will not longer be a boyfriend/fiancĂ©. I will be a husband. I can already start to feel a difference that is indescribable. I cannot imagine how much differently it will feel after we say, “I do.” Optimistically, I look forward to my new life with Lauren Paige Fitton. I am excited that the waiting will be over.

I trust that God will be with us in our marriage. He will be our provider, strength, encouragement, light in the darkness, healer, deliverer, sactifier, sheild, rock, and our fortress! We willl trust Him, and He will provide our every need.

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