Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl Ads

Thank God for commercials like this one…

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Below is the post that I found on Bryan Kemper‘s blog post entitled “Warning! Warning! Warning! – Extremely Important Superbowl Warning – Join Us During The Super Bowl To Discuss The Comercial”:

We find it necessary to warn you that during the Superbowl tomorrow you will be assaulted with a very dangerous message. I am not referring to the typical Superbowl commercials that bombard you with images of scantily clad women, football-playing horses and the ever-important beer safe guarding messages.This message is so shocking and offensive the villains behind the ad have hiding its full contents so you won’t be too scandalized before it airs. The vile organization behind the ad has been called liars, racists, woman-haters, un-American and even, dare I say it? religious.
“What kind of loathsome message could this be,” you ask? What noxious smut can they be trying to show families watching the Super Bowl that would cause such a warning to issued?

Choose Life!

I feel so dirty from just having typed these life-endangering words; I might just have to throw my computer away before it infects the rest of my household with this disease.

Ok, enough sarcasm. You all know what I am talking about by now and if you don’t you must have been vacationing in Kazakhstan for the past two weeks. Tomorrow during the Superbowl the Tim Tebow Choose Life ad will finally air and you just might hear screaming and gnashing of teeth if your neighbors are pro-abortion. (Ok, I wasn’t really done with the sarcasm.)

When all the clouds clear and the dust settles, we want to know what you think about the most controversial commercial to have never been seen in history.

We hope you will sign on to our site tomorrow and discuss what you think of the ad after you’ve have seen it. Be sure and come back to http://www.bryankemper.com during the Superbowl and weigh in no matter what your opinion is.

For Christ I stand,
Bryan Kemper

What is your take on the commercial? Comment on this post and let me know your view on it.

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