Teach Us to Be More Than a Dusty Bible

It is sad that the only thing that keeps dust from collecting on your digital Bible or your paper Bible is when it is used on Sunday mornings at church.

Lord, give us a desire to read and study Your Word. Give me a desire to read Your Word. Speak to me O’ God.

Father God, thank You for not giving up on us when we fail You. Your love never fails! You never give up on us. Your love never runs out on us.

Let us rest in Your presence and feel Your warm embrace. Lead us and teach us to live like You, and teach us to love like You love!

Daddy God, I love you–but not with the amount and the conviction that I should (and that You deserve). Help me to put You first in all that I do.

Help us to honor You Lord. Let us not receive glory, but I pray that we will give glory and honor unto You.


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