Matthew taking the plunge

Polar Plunge 2014 – Matthew Smith Accepts the Challenge!

Challenged by Greg Jones, Matthew takes the plunge for the Conquer Chiari charity. Matthew passes the challenge onto 3 others.

Greg Jones challenged me to take the Polar Plunge. I accepted and executed his challenge! Now, I challenge Justin Harwood, Sherri Fox, and Kayce Vaughan.

Justin, Sherri, and Kayce, here is the deal: You have 24 hours to complete the challenge of doing a polar plunge. If you complete the challenge, then I will give $10 to a charity of your choice. If you chicken out and fail to take the challenge, then you have to give $40 to the Conquer Chiari charity (I will post the donation link below). I chose Conquer Chiari for my charity since my wife Paige Smith is battling Chiari Malformation Type 1.

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