This is a good read.  It is by my co-worker Lonnie Bateman

I have really had this word on my heart and mind the last few days. Ministry. One of the definitions from describes it as: an act or instance of ministering; ministration; service.

Just a powerful description if you are a follower of Jesus. Ministering…. it is how Jesus came for others. It is how we are supposed to be to others. His hands and feet and His example. To reach others with the “good news” about Gods loving mercy, His grace and salvation. Too many times we think of ourselves as not good enough or we have a past and that fear keeps us from stepping forward. But our walk with Jesus is our ministry. Its personal and we own it. It is to be shared and not held private. Once we begin to understand this very important message – that our ministry is just that – OURS and we begin to start serving in our church or serving others or leading kids and students… we cross over and big things begin to happen.

The message we often hear in our minds is that we can’t do it. We don’t know enough about the bible. We don’t have a clue about students and children – we have messed our children and families totally up. My past is too bad.

But God does want to use you. He has given you talents and gifts… not excuses. He has given you life experiences to learn and grow from. There is no CAN’T in His vocabulary. Your ministry is your walk in your faith. Faith is believing in Gods word and acting upon it, no matter how you feel, because God has PROMISED a good result. So are you going to continue to doubt or are you going to get real with your faith? Doubt keeps you where you are …. people will always question you and make comments when you step out in faith to do something for God. Don’t let that keep you where you are. Your thing right now is either going to grow your faith, stretch your faith or its going to keep you where you are. So who are you listening to?

I have really been pouring my heart into those around me – especially “MyKids” that I am doing life with and whom I have influence with in leading. To go into their schools and their everyday life and shine for Jesus. Its their ministry – their mission field. God has called them to do this… just like He has called you to your mission field at work and your personal ministry. We are all ministers to Gods kingdom all working, serving and reaching out to others – being His hands and feet. Its a new personal way of looking at things…. let today be your day that you move from doubt to understanding the meaning of Faith. Your Ministry has action in ministering and serving. Its not a checkbox on Sunday mornings for an hour…. its life change for life!

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