Our dog Sheldon Cooper Smith

Meet Sheldon Cooper Smith

Paige and I are happy to welcome this handsome fella, Sheldon Cooper, into our Smith home because he brings a lot of joy and love. (Sheldon Cooper is the name we have chosen to call him, and believe me… It fits!… Ba-zinga!) Sheldon is smart and is working hard on all that he learned through the New Leash On Life program that is a partnership with the Humane Society and the Department of Correction. Sheldon finished his classes sometime back in September 2017, and although he hasn’t practiced as much since… Let me just say, he hasn’t forgotten and is picking his cues back up quickly and learning more. Sheldon is a blessing, possibly beyond what words could express. All I know is we couldn’t have asked God for a better furbaby.

Commands that Sheldon knows:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Down
  • Up (from a down position, get into a sit position)
  • Bang bang & Play dead
  • Shake my hand
  • High five
  • Wave (teaching him this one)
  • Ring the bell (taught him to ring a potty bell)
  • Speak
  • Stand (needs some work)
  • Leave it (move away from whatever it is and stop smelling it)
  • Drop it
  • Let go (he is learning this one while playing tug-of-war)
  • Heel
  • Roll over
  • Get up (stand up on 4 legs)
  • Bedtime (goes to his bed and lays down)

Some commands require the use of hand gestures (similar to sign language) for him to understand. Some commands only need the word/phrase or just the gesture for him to understand what you want him to do.

Sheldon enjoys car rides; cuddling; and playing fetch, tug of war, and hide-n-seek.

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