Matthew and Paige Smith



Love is a beautiful thing, especially when God has His way in your relationship with the person that you love. Since God put Matthew and Paige together, they have been striving to give God all the glory, honor, and praise as they walk together in the commitment that they would one day share for a lifetime.

Their relationship began on July 19, 2003. Before dating Matthew and Paige met and talked over the internet through instant messenger. At that time, they were both in high school but at separate schools. They started talking because Paige had heard about Matthew through a friend.

Around May 2003, Matthew and Paige continued talking and telling each other about our lives not knowing that they would end up dating. After talking for close to a month, both of them had completed Driver’s Ed in June 2003. One day out of the blue started talking to each other over the phone.

July 1, 2003, they arranged to meet at that annual 4th of July celebration held at the Oakboro fairgrounds. At the fair, Paige was with her parents and was with a close friend. As they anxiously looked for one another at the fair, it began to rain. Although it started raining, they did not give searching for one another. Upon meeting, Matthew and Paige decided to ride the tilt-a-whirl, and later were kicked off the ride because Matthew decided to pick his feet up…oops.

July 12, 2003, Matthew and Paige went on their first date to Twin Harbor with Paige’s parents, sister, and future brother-in-law. While at the lake, they went for a swim. Later that night they shared their first dance at the dance held by the pool.

On July 19, 2003 was the day that Matthew and Paige started their relationship together. This day was amazing, considering neither of them had thought they would end up dating or getting married in the future. This day Matthew and Paige remember and keep dear to their hearts as they looked back over the years and seen how God has brought them closer to Him. God has helped them to grow and mature not only in their own lives but in their relationship together.


Matthew and Paige laying on the ground looking at each otherMatthew and Paige’s engagement was rather a surprise, but a decision that they had been praying about for some time. On December 21, 2007, they decided to go out for their Christmas dinner date. That night, Matthew drove to Carrabba’s Italian Grill in Matthew’s located near the famous Home Depot where Daniel Seagraves was working at the time. After arriving at Carrabba’s, they were seated at a booth and ordered their meal. While waiting for the waitress to serve their food, they decided to go ahead and exchange gifts. Matthew shared his gift first by giving Paige a pair of earrings that she had been asking for. Then Paige’s turn had come; she gave Matthew a pair of one year Bibles and explained that before marrying each other she would like for them to read the Bible all of the way through.

After Matthew finished looking through the Bible, he mentioned that he had forgot to give Paige her Christmas card. He also mentioned that he wanted to read it, which she thought was fine, but yet weird. Upon pulling out the card, Matthew shuffled around his leather jacket and pulled a ring box out and sat it on the table in front of her while he read the card (see below); at the end, asked Paige to marry him. Of course She said, “Yes!” After he proposed, Paige gave him a Matthew and Paige posing near brick columngift that she had prepared for the day that he proposed to her. Paige gave him a scrapbook that still needs to be finished, but it was a scrapbook about their relationship over the years.

Later after Paige looked at her ring in unbelief, the newly engaged couple shared the details about the engagement to their waitress who gave us a complimentary dessert called “The Chocolate Dream,” which is now our favorite dessert. After leaving the restaurant, Matthew and Paige decided for Daniel Seagraves to be the first to know about the engagement since he worked at the Home Depot behind the restaurant, and then they called Helen to tell her the good news. From there, they went to New Creation and bought a card to tell his parents and his sister about the engagement and later called the rest of the world, it seemed, to tell the good news.

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