Lining up a week before the iPhone 5 release

Jessica Mellow in the iPhone 5 waiting line.
(Credit: Greg Sandoval)

People have already begun to line up outside of the Cube, Apple’s 5th Avenue store. They have been there since Friday afternoon—one week before the release data for the iPhone 5. These people are sitting and sleeping out on the sidewalk in front of the store. Many will come to line up so they can buy an iPhone 5 on the very first day; however, some people do not just line up to buy the latest iPhone. People like Hazem Sayed and Jessica Mellow also camp out in line to promote or market something when interviewers come by. Sayed desires to get publicity for a software application. In addition to waiting in line to get an iPhone, Mellow camped out last October before the release of the iPhone 4s to promote a company. [1]

When it comes to Apple releasing new products, people can act strangely. Even Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak lines up to wait for a device. While waiting, he chats with Apple fans and signs their iPhones. Wozniak must love the experience because he “could certainly buy the product before it come[s] out”. Some will try to sell their spot in line; however, they have failed. A guy in London got several companies to sponsor his waiting in line; the companies paid for “everything from the food he ate to the gear that protected him from the elements”. [2]

No matter what product Apple releases, people will line up for it regardless of what the weather is like. They respect the quality of the devices that Apple designs and sells. Apple has a good reputation for designing and developing quality hardware and software. Their hardware and software are created to work in harmony together; the Apple quote “it just works” illustrates this very well. In countless keynote speeches, Apple representatives have repeated this phrase.


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