I am called…


I am called by you to be Your beloved.  I am called to make a difference in this community, nation, and world.  You require nothing but my best from me.  Lord, as You know, there is a big decision and opportunity that sets before me.  Lord, I pray that You will help me to make the right choice.  Let not my will be done, but let Thy will be done.  Your perfect Word tells me that You have a plan for my life; one to prosper me and not harm me; one to give me hope and a future [Jeremiah 29:11].  Lord let Your desire become my desire.  Lord I pray that you will help me when I have doubts; I need Your help Father.  Help me to trust You more and more each day.  Lord be with me in all my moments in life–the good and the bad.  In Your Son Jesus’ holy name.


I post some of my prayers to share the beautiy of the Lord with you.  I do not want to be boastful in any way.  My desire is that the prayers will inspire you to make a difference for God.  I want these prayers to not only benefit me, but to also benefit you.

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