Heart Cry

Lord God, I cry out to your mighty name. I ask that you come and surround me. Stay with me through this circumstance. Let you love so shine upon me. Let me not be overcome by temptation. Let not my eyes wonder and my mind lust after things of the world. Lord, put a fire in my heart that burns bright for You. Let me be a beacon of light to a dark and dying world. God give me a heart like you have. Let me weep over the things that sadden you. Let me joy in what brings you joy. Let me see HOW You see, O God! Put a passion in my heart to tell others about you. Lord, direct my paths each and every day. Give me discernment. Show me what is holy and righteous. Teach me and show me Your ways. Help me to love like you love. Help me to care as you do. Give me eyes that are blinded to physical aspects of life and eyes that are fully open to the spiritual. Help me to see the loneliness and hurt inside of others. Give me a deep, deep compassion for them. Let me not pass them by. Let me help them in any way possible. Lord, train my tongue to speak works that would be pleasing to you. Let my mind only dwell on pure and holy thoughts not those of immorality, filth, perverse, and wicked things. Let me be filled with your Holy Spirit. O Lord, may I not doubt Your Word. Give me a desire to emerse myself in Your Word each day. Lord be with me in all my circumstances. Let me look to you through the good and the bad. Let me not be prideful and arrogant. Give me a desire to be like your Son Jesus. Let me not seek after worldly wealth; but yet, let me seek heavenly wealth. Let me be a warrior for Your Kingdom. Give me a heart of a lion so that I may be brave and strong to stand for what is right. Lord, I pray that I will not be afraid to take a stand for you. Let me take a stand against abortion, homosexuality, divorce, adultery, physical abuse, drug abuse, alcohol, greed, love of the world, disgusting images on the web and in the media, and liars. Lord protect and guide me in all my ways. Help me to not be stained by the world. Let me seek Your face each day. And, let me rest not until I have fellowshiped with you each day. This is my prayer; this is my cry.

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