Give Real Gifts on Facebook


Facebook Gifts make giving last-minute gifts easier than ever. This new feature allows users to pick a gift from a list of approved retailers. Currently, vendors such as “Starbucks, Gund teddy bears, and Magnolia Bakery are among the retailers included at launch”. Now, people are able to celebrate their Facebook friends’ birthdays in a different way other than “saying ‘Happy Birthday,’ ‘Congratulations,’ or simply, ‘I’m thinking of you,’ “. Users are able to select, purchase, and “ship real-world presents” in a small amount of time; they do not even have to leave the Facebook site. [1]

When sending a gift, the buyer can choose to give the gift publicly (shared with friends on their Timeline) or privately. The recipient immediately receives a notification with a “digital greeting card and preview of the gift”. The recipient replies with the address where the gift should be delivered. The buyer has an option to pay for the item when it is received or when making the purchase. [1]


In the past, Facebook tried the gifts idea; however, the gifts that were available to be purchased were only worthless virtual gifts. The move towards offering the ability to effortlessly give real-world presents to your Facebook friends and family will transform Facebook. Now, users can “send gifts from birthday reminders or from their friend’s timeline”. [2]

The new gift-giving feature will come in handy for many Facebook users that forget to pick up a present for a friend or relative’s birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc. [1]. Although, it will probably be cheaper to find a gift on another online site and then just send your Facebook friend a message and tell them happy birthday and that their present is on the way to their house. However, you still have a brand new way to surprise your friends with gifts like “cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, a stuffed animal from Gund, or a digital gift card from Starbucks” [3].


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