Recommendations for work Matthew has done…

I hired Matthew to build a website for me. I asked him to do several key things for me including editing backgrounds, images, fonts and sound files. He has a very broad knowledge of web related content. In addition, he is very quick to get back to me when I email him and he has very good suggestions on how I can make my site better. Most important to me, he loves the Lord and makes it clear that Jesus is the most important person in his life. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in his services. 

Jay Crofford. Concord, NC. 

Over the past several years, Matthew has successfully brought my computer back to life; more times than I can remember. The actual computer has all been upgraded or changed except for the motherboard. When I purchased this computer, in 1999, it was programmed with Windows Millennium edition; Matthew has now upgraded it to XP and it is almost like a brand new computer for only a portion of the price. Now that’s good news for our economy. Matthew has also changed my modem, added RAM, added hard drive space, added or upgraded programs, changed the sound card, anti-virus programs, registry cleaning, you name it, Matthew has done it on this computer. I am very happy with the results. He also manages our home network system for the internet access and the wireless internet that we have in the home.

Saundra Smith. Stanfield, NC.

I was having trouble with mine and my sister’s computers. They seemed to be running very slow. I contacted Matthew because I had no idea where to start. He came to our home and ran a program to rid them of numerous trojans and other viruses. It was convenient because I did not have to worry about taking both computers somewhere and have to worry about picking them back up. Both computers are still running well and I am glad I have found someone I can trust.

Emily Griffin. Stanfield, NC.

Working on a computer is not my talent; however Matthew has a gift when dealing with computers. Over the years, Matthew has been quick to find the mischievous problems embedded in my computer and repair them as needed. Since Matthew has been working on my computer, he has experienced cases which required him to back-up and restore my computer, install software, replace a part that lights up the laptop screen, repair my mistakes, set-up connections, as well as provide me instructions and knowledge of how to resolve future problems effectively.

Paige Fitton. Albemarle, NC.

Matthew has help me with many things on my laptop. He has helped with everything from freeing up hard drive space to software problems.

Logon Smith. Oakboro, NC.

My wife has had a laptop for approximately 5 years, and had never had any work done to it, which made it extremely slow, it would take 10 minutes to start the computer and twice that long to load the internet. We hired Matthew to clear the operation system off and put a new one on, reformatting our hard drive. It was like a brand new computer when we got it back from him. I myself have had my laptop for about 3 years and it was starting to slow down to the same point as my wifes laptop, so i asked Matthew about doing the same thing and adding RAM. He was very affordable compared to others that i have asked about doing the same thing in the past. Again, when I got the computer back, it was better than new due to the RAM increase. I will use Matthew for everything that will be done with my computers from now on. Thanks Matthew.

Heath and Nicole LuQuire. Norwood, NC.

Thanks to Matthew Smith for a most amazing job on my ID badge for the business…. He took my idea and added way more detail to it… LOVE IT! anyone needing computer repair or custom websites, Check him out!!! THANKS AGAIN!

Roger Gurley, Southern Vending. Norwood, NC.