Caught in Your Eyes

I love the song “Caught in Your Eyes” by Josh Baldwin

I.…I settled for second best.
Settled for emptiness…I settled for lies.
But You…You took apart my chest.
Filled it with holiness…You filled it with life.

Your love is taking.
Th pieces breaking.
From my heart and making them one

I’m caught in Your eyes.…Caught in Your eyes.
Captured and won, coming undone.
Living to die.
Caught in Your eyes…Caught in Your eyes.
Lost in the chase, caught by Your grace.
Given new life…Caught in Your eyes.

You.…You stepped in my hollow heart.
You came to light my dark and open my eyes.
I am wanting much more of You.
Wanting to love You too.
And wanting to fly. |

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