Nine Years….and counting

Nine years ago today, I asked the best and most beautiful girl to be my girlfriend–she said yes. Ever since I met her, she has been a major blessing. I love to be around her. She is so uplifting, and she encourages me to be a better person and grow closer to the Lord.

Over these past 9 years, we have gone through so much together. I have enjoyed dating her from day one. She makes me smile, and she make me laugh.

We got got engaged on December 21, 2007. And on November 27, 2010, I married that girl.

Lauren Paige Smith, I love! You mean the world to me. I am so glad that the Lord blessed me with you. I love you babe.

Engagement Photos

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Wedding Photos


Our Honeymoon

What better time to post pictures and a blog about our honeymoon than eight months after the wedding? We have been enjoying being married too much! But here goes…

We spent our 11 day/10 night honeymoon in Servierville, TN at the Great Smokies Lodge. The room was beautiful condo with a full kitchen, one bedroom, one bath, laundry, living room, and also a hot tub in the bedroom!

We arrived in Tennessee on Christmas Eve around 7pm. We were getting hungry and could could not find anywhere that was open (except one place). We ate at Gondoliers Pizza Italian Restaurant. The staff there was very nice. When the owner found out that we were on our honeymoon,
he made sure the waitress brought us a homemade strawberry cheesecake. It was very delicious. The pizza and the baklava was also very good! The leftover pizza and bread sticks went by to the room with us for Christmas lunch and supper.

After we ate supper, we went grocery shopping because we knew we would not find anything that was going to be open on Christmas day.  The only shopping place that we could find open that had food was Walgreen’s. So we purchase the overprice small amount of food that would get us by until the day after Christmas.

It snowed Christmas day and the next two days after Christmas.  It also snowed on New Years Day! It was so beautiful.

We drove out to Pigeon Forge to vist a few places. One of the places was the Apple Barn and Cider Mill. Such a great place to tour. It was built back in 1910. At the barn, they sale unique applewood smoked hams and bacon, apple butter, old-timey handmade candy from their Candy Factory, ice cream from “The Creamery” ice cream parlor, handmade crafts, fruit wines, and apple cider.

We also drove out to Gatlinburg to walk around and go in a lot of the shops there.

On our second to last day, we visited Cades Cove which is an 11-mile, one-way loop road circles the cove located in the Great Smokey mountains (as suggested by Pastor Dwight and Norma Mabry). We saw lots of beautiful scenery for sure! As you drive along the road, you see rolling hills, mountains, wildlife, old log cabins, and several old churches.

That’s not all of the pictures. Go to the gallery to see all of the pictures from the honeymoon.

Also, on one of the days that it was snowing, there was an accident that happened right in front of us…and we got it on video.

11.26.2010 | This video was shot while we were driving back to the resort in Sevierville, TN. Praise God no one was hurt and that we were not involved.

Wedding Photos on Facebook

CLICK THE LINK…. Our wedding photos have now been posted to Facebook. Links to all 3 albums are listed below. Please help me get everyone tagged.

Wedding Album 1/3:

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Wedding Album 3/3:

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Upcoming Honeymoon

I am looking forward to our honeymoon. It has been almost a month since our wedding (which seems like just yesterday). After working and me finishing up classes and exams, we are so ready to get away.

We will be leaving Christmas Eve morning to go to Sevierville, TN [map], and we will not be coming back until next year!  We are seriously going to enjoy our 11 day getaway. Please pray that the Lord will watch over us as we travel.

We will post pictures after we return.

God Bless you all,


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I have been married (wedding information) now for a little over two weeks (it feels just like it was yesterday). Am I enjoying the married life? Yes, I am most definitely enjoying the new relationship! However, It does feel weired to call Paige my wife and me her husband.

Everything is going great. We are working on getting stuff setup in the house. The bedroom is almost complete, and we will start working on setting up stuff in the office room.

We have posted Paige’s bridal portraits online. You can view them in our gallery or on Facebook.

Wedding photos will be posted as soon as we receive them back from the photographer.  If you would like to be notified when the photos are posted, send me an email and let me know.

On Christmas Eve, we leave for a 9 day honeymoon in Sevierville, TN.  Please pray that we have a safe trip!

God Bless.

Wedding Approaching

Our wedding is approaching very fast. It is now just 5 days away! I was talking to one of my friends at church yesterday, and he told me that he don’t know if the week that he got married was the shortest week of his life or the longest. I totally feel what he means! It is coming so quickly and so slowly at the same time. Strange!

It feel kinda strange that come November 27th I will not longer be a boyfriend/fiancé. I will be a husband. I can already start to feel a difference that is indescribable. I cannot imagine how much differently it will feel after we say, “I do.” Optimistically, I look forward to my new life with Lauren Paige Fitton. I am excited that the waiting will be over.

I trust that God will be with us in our marriage. He will be our provider, strength, encouragement, light in the darkness, healer, deliverer, sactifier, sheild, rock, and our fortress! We willl trust Him, and He will provide our every need.

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