SOLVED! Scan to Email not working on Sharp MFP with Office 365

We had several Sharp MFP’s (MX-M364N, MX-M266N, and MX-M464N) that scan to email suddenly stopped working on. When trying to scan to email, the MFP would show a network error CE-00.  Checking the settings, SMTP was correct, LDAP was correct, IP/DNS/Gateway was correct. Looking at the Job Log on one of the MFP’s I saw a line that the Result column said Send Error and  Continue reading SOLVED! Scan to Email not working on Sharp MFP with Office 365

Use CrashPlan’s Free Version to Backup Off-site

It is best practice to have an on-site and an off-site backup of your important data that cannot be easily replaced. CrashPlan makes on-site and off-site backups a breeze. You can do off-site backups using CrashPlan’s “back-up to a friend” feature.

Step 1 – Download CrashPlan’s backup software

Download and CrashPlan’s free version from

Step 2 – Install CrashPlan on both the local computer and the remote machine

Follow the installation instructions to install the backup software on both the local machine and machine at the off-site location.

Step 3 – Setup Backup to a Friend

Follow the most current instructions from

Step 4 – Do initial backup on the local (source) computer

If have a large amount of data to backup, you will want to speed up the initial backup process by first backing up to an external hard drive then move the drive to the remote location. Follow these instructions to complete this part:

After following these steps, your data will be backed up to a remote (off-site) location. Remember, always backup!

Notification Sounds Do Not Work After Android Marshmallow 6.0 Update [SOLVED]

Marshmallow Android at GoogleNotification Sounds Issue

Android 6.0 Marshmallow comes with a lot of new features to be excited about. Unfortunately, new releases include bugs and other hiccups. After waiting for the Marshmallow update to be released to my Samsung Galaxy s5, I noticed that my notification sounds were not working for incoming text, etc. Videos would play in my YouTube app, but I missed some text that came in because I did not hear the sound. I checked to make sure that the sound settings for notifications were still set correctly; they were.

I started searching around to see if anyone had the issue. Some people in a forum suggested resetting the phone to factory defaults and not syncing the backed up data to the phone. Several unlucky people tried the suggestion us to find themselves with a squeaky clean phone and no notification sounds.

Android Marshmallow phone notification soundsSolution

Searching more, several users reported that doing several reboots corrected their issue. So, since I really did not want to reset my phone (holding out a little longer to upgrade to the new Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge), I rebooted my phone a few times. I rebooted it about 3 or 4 times and BAM! my notification sounds were working again. Thanks to helpmynexusgoogle for the working solution!

So glad I did not have to reset my phone. I hope this will help someone that runs into the same small but annoying issue.

Heartbleed Bug Causes Serious Security Issue for Everyone

Heartbleed LogoOn Monday, April 7th a very serious internet security bug was discovered. This bug affects nearly two-thirds of all internet websites. The bug is called Heartbleed and it causes a vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library.

Everyone should know what the Heartbleed bug is, how it affects them, and what they need to do about it.

How bad is the Heartbleed bug?

Heartbleed is being considered one of the Internet’s biggest security threats since it has been around for two years, but it was only recently discovered.

Continue reading Heartbleed Bug Causes Serious Security Issue for Everyone

Charlotte, NC Potentially Getting Google Fiber

Current and potential Google Fiber cities
Current and potential Google Fiber cities

Currently, Google Fiber is only available in Kansas City, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri and Provo Utah, and will be available in Austin, Texas later this year. The exciting news in that Google is looking at bringing their Google Fiber internet to Charlotte, NC!

Google will work side-by-side with city leaders on a two-part joint planning process to evaluate whether they can bring Google Fiber to the Charlotte area. Google will work closely with Continue reading Charlotte, NC Potentially Getting Google Fiber

The Internet of Things is Scary

The Internet of Things. We are headed in that direction. In some ways, we are already there. What really scares me is that one day a hacker may hack into my fridge and cause my milk to spoil.

In computing, the Internet of Things (also known as the Internet of Objects) refers to the networked interconnection of everyday objects.

spoiled milk glass
looks yummy, huh?

Cell phone carriers team up to cut down on stolen cell phone market


In an effort to deter cell phone theft, U.S. wireless carriers have made a first step towards “a joint ‘blacklist’ database of identifying information about cell phones reported lost or stolen”. Now, cell phone companies check phones against the database before reactivating phones. Before this joint action, carriers would suspend the service on a phone after was reported as lost or stolen; this phone could still be reactivated by a thief on a new account. According to Chris Guttman-McCabe, vice president of regulatory affairs for CTIA, “the point of the blacklist database is to dry up the aftermarket for stolen phones. If you can’t reactivate a stolen phone, it’s just a worthless hunk of plastic and metal.” [1]

Cell phone theft is common because many users will leave them laying around and not keep a close eye on them. One the device has been stolen, Continue reading Cell phone carriers team up to cut down on stolen cell phone market

LG Scares the Crap Out of People in an Elevator to Show Off Its Monitors

LG has introduced this video of people getting a big scare thanks to the company’s high-res monitors.

To show off just how life-like the picture on its monitors can be, the company re-fitted the bottom of an elevator with the screens. The brand then recorded people’s reactions as the monitors — screens pointed up — displayed what looked like the bottom of the elevator floor dropping out. True, you could probably do that with a lot of monitors, but LG thought of it first. –source

Give Real Gifts on Facebook


Facebook Gifts make giving last-minute gifts easier than ever. This new feature allows users to pick a gift from a list of approved retailers. Currently, vendors such as “Starbucks, Gund teddy bears, and Magnolia Bakery are among the retailers included at launch”. Now, people are able to celebrate their Facebook friends’ birthdays in a different way other than “saying ‘Happy Birthday,’ ‘Congratulations,’ or simply, ‘I’m thinking of you,’ “. Users are able to select, purchase, and “ship real-world presents” in a small amount of time; they do not even have to leave the Facebook site. [1]

When sending a gift, the buyer can choose to give the gift publicly (shared with friends on their Timeline) or privately. The recipient immediately receives a notification with a “digital greeting card and preview of the Continue reading Give Real Gifts on Facebook

Lining up a week before the iPhone 5 release

Jessica Mellow in the iPhone 5 waiting line.
(Credit: Greg Sandoval)

People have already begun to line up outside of the Cube, Apple’s 5th Avenue store. They have been there since Friday afternoon—one week before the release data for the iPhone 5. These people are sitting and sleeping out on the sidewalk in front of the store. Many will come to line up so they can buy an iPhone 5 on the very first day; however, some people do not just line up to buy the latest iPhone. People like Hazem Sayed and Jessica Mellow also camp out in line to promote or market something when interviewers come by. Sayed desires to get publicity for a software application. In addition to waiting in line to get an iPhone, Mellow camped out last October before the release of the iPhone 4s to promote a company. [1]

When it comes to Apple releasing new products, people can act strangely. Even Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak lines up to wait for a device. While waiting, he chats with Apple fans and signs their iPhones. Wozniak must love the experience because he “could certainly buy the product before it come[s] out”. Some will try to sell their spot in line; however, they have Continue reading Lining up a week before the iPhone 5 release