Collide Video

I spent most of my day yesterday working on the mission trip video that will be presented in church on Sunday. I had like 500-600 pictures to go through. My goal was to keep the video under 10 minutes for time sake (for both time limit at church and time limit to upload on YouTube). I had to borrow down my picture selection to around 145 or so. That would allow me to display the photos for 4sec and also have time to put other pictures, video, and effects on the begging and end of the presentation. I am not sure how many hours I spent on editing pictures and video. [view video HERE]

When I got ready to burn the DVD, my DVD burner decides that it is not gonna work for me. I have had it for many years now, and in the past year or so it has been acting up. It will make really loud grinding noises may or may not read/write the data to/from the disk. So, I finally broke down and ordered me a new internal LG DVD burner from NewEgg that I am going to put in an external enclosure. I cannot wait to finally have a drive that will operate correctly again!

Philadelphia Baptist Church Web Page

I am working on developing a website for my church. The URL is So for I have planned to have info on service times, upcoming events, and announcements. It will also have a contact page so that the visitors can contact the desired church members. If you have any sugestions for the new site, then please comment on this post.

Holden Beach

This has been a great time at the beach. Hangin out with the Benge’s. I hate that we have to go home tomorrow. I am gonna miss the body surfing in the ocean and chillin in the sun. The weather has been very nice; not too hot and a little breezy. Pictures will be up in the photo gallery on and on our facebooks soon.


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Collide Mission Trip


My youth group from Philadelphia Baptist in Stanfield, NC will be going on a mission trip to Savannah, Georgia from July 25 – August 1, 2009. We will be sharing the love of God during worship, assisting with Vacation Bible School, hands-on missions activities, cultural experiences, sports camps, and light construction. In this mission effort, we will be working alongside churches that are a part of the Savannah Baptist Association.

In order to raise money for the trip, our youth group will be hosting a spaghetti dinner on Sunday, June 28, 2009. We will start serving around 5:30pm. The meal will be free of charge. Donations towards the trip are welcomed. The meal will include spaghetti (choice of several different sauces), salad, and garlic bread. There is also an option for kids to get chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. Desserts will also be available. The dinner will be held at Philadelphia Baptist Church‘s Fellowship Hall. We will stop serving around 8:00pm, so be sure to come hungry and ready to eat! [Update: Tonight we raise a little over $1000. We still need to raise more money though, but the Lord truly blessed us tonight. I would like to thank the ones that help make this possible and the ones that showed up to eat.]

We will also be holding a walk-a-thon on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 beginning at 6pm. We are asking people to sponsor our walk. If you would like to sponsor our walk, click here.[Update: The walk-a-thon went very well]

WE NEED YOUR HELP: Would you be willing to donate soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, comb, hair brush, deodorant, and white socks? Your donation of these items will be greatly received by the needy people in Savannah. By donating something so small, you can make a HUGH impact for Christ. These items will be given in the name of Jesus to those that really need them. Thanks in advance for your donations. You can give your donations to one of the youth, mail them to the church (click on the donate button below for the church address), or use the donate button to send a gift to go toward the purchase of the above items.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

For more detailed information, visit the Collide 2009 website.

If you would like to donate funds to help cover the cost of our mission effort, click here.

We greatly appreciate your support. If you would like to send us words of encouragement or scriptures that the Lord lays on your heart, then please use this contact form.

Video that I made for our spaghetti supper:

Video that I made for the presentation on Sunday, August 23:


Photo gallery 1 of 2

Photo gallery 2 of 2

Photo Gallery Plans

I am planning on adding a large photo gallery to my site. I will try to add as many photos as time allows. Check back later for updates. Also, if you have any suggestions/ideas for the gallery, feel free to contact me.

Galleries that I plan to add:

  • Past proms
  • Mexico mission trip photos
  • Gulfport mission trip photos
  • Grifton mission trip photos
  • Photos of Paige and I
  • …any other suggestions?

Life’s Storms

Funnel cloud over UNC Charlotte | Wednesday, May 6, 2009 | Source

Everyone has times in their lives that it feels like their troubles will never end. It feels as if God is a million miles away and you are all alone. The truth is that He never left you. In Hebrews 13:5, Jesus tells us that He “will never leave you nor forsake you.” What needs to be examined is, did you leave God? What have you been doing lately? Maybe you have been hanging out with your friends, partying, doing drugs, watching questionable shows on television, or using foul language. It is very easy to remove yourself out of God’s circle of fellowship. However, the good news is that if you are a true believer that you can never be taken out of the circle of Salvation. If you have been feeling that God is not close to you, then you need to make the decision that you are going to start praying everyday, all day. It is through prayer and supplication/petitioning that we can draw near to God. God loves to talk with His children. The truth is, He thinks that you are to die for! [Romans 5:8 | John 3:16]

No matter what your situation is, God is there for you and ready to receive you with open arms. All you have to do is run to Him. But we should not just run to God only in the bad times. He wants us to come to Him when things are going good in our life. That is how much He loves us. Many times when everything seems to be going well, we will just talk with Him every now and then. possibly we talk to Him for a short moment when we wake up and then right before we go to bed, or maybe we just pray before our meals, or only on Sunday and Wednesday nights, or maybe we just do not pray at all. We use God as a crutch to get through life rather than letting Him be our best friend and our everything. God desires to be your all-in-all.

Along with prayer, reading the Word and putting it into action in your life will help you draw close to the Lord. The Word of God is a powerful tool to use in you daily walk with Christ. The Bible is the only piece of the Armor of God that is meant for offensive use. The others are defensive pieces of armor. The Bible is the Truth that overcomes the darkness; it reveals Satan’s plans; it gives us hope for the future. “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever” [Isaiah 40:8].


If you need prayer or just someone to talk to, feel free to email me with your concerns. I will be glad to help you out any way possible!